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If your Rice University hosted site is outdated, our team will meet with you to discuss how we can make your site more current, functional, eye-catching and effective. We will work with you to understand your needs and build a site that meets your objectives. What’s the cost? Our services are free for sites hosted on Rice.edu that meet university brand standards. 


Rice University has established a set of identity standards to ensure that the institution protects its iconic images and presents itself to its stakeholders in a consistent and impactful way. Our identity standards tell the world that "this is Rice," a premier university that cares about its image and reputation. When you work with us, your communications product will meet the highest quality standards.  

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Content Is King

What’s the goal for your site? Who is your audience? How did they get to your site? Where do they go when they’re on your site? These are essential questions in building and maintaining an effective website. We can help you ask the right questions, identify the answers and develop a content plan that will boost traffic and meet your site’s goals. The right content strategy will keep your audience coming back for more. 

Our team actively uses Google Analytics to track trends and measure the success of university initiatives on our sites. We can show you how to use analytics to build a powerful content strategy. We’ll show you how to monitor traffic trends, identify what content generates traffic and how to develop reports. Measuring your site’s analytics will help you know how to communicate more effectively with your audience. 

Our sites are in CMS400, for which we offer free training and technical support. CMS400 is designed so that people with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word will be able to work with the content on their websites. Once trained, you’ll take over the content management for your site. If you need editing services, you can contact our Creative Services department.  


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Our Social Side

Social media is a growing part of communications all over the world, including here at Rice. Our team oversees the university’s main social media presence and provides consulting services to departments and other offices that participate in this medium. We also offer strategy and best practice guidelines to provide the campus with a framework for developing a successful social media program. 

For a behind-the-hedges look at Web Development team projects, resources, tips and tools, check out our blog: www.rice.edu/webdevblog.